In 2010...

...Murray and Michelle Smith gave their family home valued at $1.2 million as a prize to help launch apieceofnz.

The 'apieceofnz' brand was established in 2009 with a view to raising funds for charitable causes serving the community of Cambridge and beyond. 

Why would they do such a thing?

Unable to sell their property conventionally and donate the money during a worldwide recession, they came up with a Sales Promotion whereby customers could purchase product online and for any $25 spend, were automatically entered in the draw with a chance to win the Smith Family's beautiful property. At the time the Promotion closed a successful outcome was achieved with $1.25million being generated to provide a significant boost for the construction of the Bridges Church and Community Centre in Cambridge, New Zealand - a church where Murray and Michelle provide Pastoral leadership.

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Which Charitable Trust benefits from Murray and Michelle's sacrifice - and where do proceeds of sales go from this website?

Synergy (Cambridge) Trust is a registered Charitable Trust incorporated in 2001 for the engaging in a wide range of work benefiting the community at large.Many of the projects undertaken by Synergy are related to the alleviation of poverty, hardship or assisting disadvantaged sectors of the community. Synergy (Cambridge) Trust is the legal ‘Umbrella’ under which ‘Bridges Church’, Cambridge, New Zealand operates.

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